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Surprising Statistics about Remote Work

Surprising Statistics about Remote Work

2020 witnessed a new phenomenon. The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a global lockdown. People locked in their homes started remote working. Slowly organizations realized certain work done in Office could be done as efficiently from home.

Let’s see how remote work is faring with the world limping back to normal. Is it here to stay, or is the enthusiasm wearing off?  Here are some statistics about remote work that will surprise everyone.

  • Remote work has increased three times since 2020

Before the pandemic, remote work was around 4%  of the total job vacancies in the US. Today remote jobs account for more than 15% of the total US job opportunities. According to experts, remote jobs would have grown irrespective of the pandemic. The pandemic onlyspeeded up the process. Remote jobs will grow in the future, asthe statistics suggest.

  • Remote work creates happy employees


Many employees got a chance to work from home for the first time during the pandemic. The effects were astonishing. 74% of employees felt happier when working remotely. The reason for happiness was not having to commute and getting more family time. Another research shows that 50 % of employees surveyed would gladly accept pay cuts in favor of remote work.

  • Majority of remote employees recommend remote work to others

Nearly 97% of people recommend remote work to others. They feel that the last two years have been interesting. Interestingly, this 97% want to continue remote work till their retirement. This finding means that employers must devise long-term hiring and career growth strategies for remote staff.

  • Remote work does not reduce or eliminate burnout

It is common to see workplace burnout. The increased flexibility in working remotely gave the impression that employees will remain fresh. However, research says that 69% of remote employees are still experiencing burnout. This is alarming. The important lesson is that while remote work eliminates commuting and rigid work schedules, the stress of being productive, meeting deadlines, and career growth remains similar to Office and does not go away.

  • Employers can save from remote work too

Employees saving money by working from home is common knowledge. They save on commuting costs and outdoor expenses. Businesses, too, can save from remote work—an average company up to $11,000 per employee annually by adopting the hybrid work model. Organizations can save on office rent, electricity, utilities, insurance expenses, IT systems, and other associated costs required for day-to-day Office running.

  • Remote work increases employee loyalty

Though factual data suggests that remote work improves loyalty among employees, it is understood that employee turnover will be less if they are offered flexible remote work options.

A study shows that 79 %  of the participants said they would be loyal to their company if allowed remote work options. In a competitive environment, retaining talent is challenging for companies. New and frequent hiring’s consume time and money. Offering remote work is an excellent way to reduce attrition and the same time, attract new talent.

  • Remote work is environment friendly

Working from home means less commuting. This reduces vehicular traffic as employees will use fewer cars and two-wheelers. This results in reduced carbon emissions and a cleaner environment.

Commuter trends and labor market analysis showed one day of worldwide remote work would reduce global oil consumption by 1%.The carbon emission impact would be a decline of 24 million tones annually. Also, remote work reduced paper consumption and reduced waste production.


Remote employees work longer, and it is beneficial for both employers and employees. Though it is early to predict the long-term effects, one thing is sure – Remote work is here to stay.

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