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Engineers Placement Consultancy Services

Hiring engineers is something that you need to do every now and then when you are running a tech based company. To find the best engineers for your business, you need to hire the services of an engineer placement consultancy in USA. Here at dCipher, we can provide you with the finest engineers placement consultancy services that money can buy. Being a highly efficient engineers recruitment consultancy that has been operating for many years, we at dCipher can implement effective methods of determining the level of skills of a particular engineer to determine he/she is suitable for your company or not. In this way, we have helped the sector of remote engineering USA to grow immensely over the years. So whether you are looking for Java Remote Developers or engineers with other skills, we can help your company to get in touch with them.          

The demand for remote software developer jobs is now at an all-time high and so tech based companies are always looking for them. If you are planning on finding professionals looking for software developer jobs Canada, we can help you to connect with them. We can inform prospective candidates about the software developer job openings on your behalf and find employees whose technical expertise can benefit your company immensely. We can connect with people who are looking for software engineers placement in Canada and other parts of USA to bring them to your business. Our recruitment process can also get you the best software engineers USA.     

As a company dedicated to offer top notch services in terms of software engineer placement, we can assist skilled engineers with their dream job openings. We regularly make announcements on software developer jobs for freshers and for experienced remote full stack developers. Our selection and vetting process is flawless and can get you the best candidates for software engineer jobs in USA. So consult us today at dCipher for your requirement on software engineers placement in USA.

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Take a comprehensive online assessment to understand your strengths and pain points better. The test is designed to deliver accurate results in minimal time.



Based on your performance our expert panel delivers personalized feedback, highlighting your core strengths and areas of improvement, along with resources you can use to improve.



Receive extensive behavioral, situational, and leadership grooming, learn from our team of corporate stalwarts and make yourself a perfect fit for the industry.



We match you with our partner companies, that are actively looking for people with your specific knowledge and skill-set, and then fast-track you through their hiring processes.



We vouch for your technical skills and you get a ready-made, reliable platform to market your skills. Once you accept a job offer, you start working as a full-time employee, remotely, on the company’s payroll and we ensure that you are completely equipped to work remotely.



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Frequently Asked Questions

dCipher aims to be India’s largest platform of skilled, technically-assessed remote software engineers. We connect companies with hundreds of engineers who are actively seeking or open to learning about new opportunities. Here’s a quick rundown on how we assess engineers, boost your hiring ROI, and provide access to a more diverse set of engineers:

  • We source and hire the best software engineers from India
  • We present you only relevant candidates based on the chosen criteria that you input on our website
  • We preserve your valuable time so that you get face to face decision making interviews with the best engineers in a few hours of having started your search

Engineers complete an adaptive, multiple-choice online quiz. While most of the questions involve looking at blocks of code and answering questions about them (finding bugs and predicting behavior), some questions also test specific knowledge. Field tested on hundreds of software engineers in practical work environments, the dCipher evaluation identifies the best candidates in the industry. We’ve developed a set of questions and a robust objective approach to ensure standardization across candidate scoring. The quiz asks each candidate different questions from our large pool of potential questions, based on where they have shown strength and weakness. By doing this we are able to get more accurate results in a shorter amount of time.

We work primarily with back-end, front-end, full-stack, DevOps, machine learning, mobile, and generalist engineers of all kinds. Our engineers have varying experience levels, from amazing individual contributors to terrific tech leads.

Unfortunately not, we only work with companies hiring for full-time, salaried engineering positions.

Our candidate profiles are detailed composites of each candidate's technical skills, experience, and preferences. For every dCipher engineer profile, you can:

  • Review score reports of how a candidate performed on our technical assessments, including details on their specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn about a candidate's background and technical experience
  • Connect with candidates directly
  • Share and discuss candidate profiles with other members on your team

Extending an offer is exciting. It means you’ve found a candidate that you think would make a great addition to your team, and that the work you’ve put into sourcing and interviewing may soon come to fruition. We make it a seamless experience. You simply sign our master contract and we take care of all the administrative legwork including their laptops, office expense, benefits, health insurance and most importantly coffee & lunch.

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We make remote hiring simplified and seamless for both, candidates and companies, through our platform.