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We make remote hiring simplified and seamless for both,
Candidates and Companies.


dCipher is built by serial entrepreneurs who have experienced the pains of hiring poorly-matched engineers first-hand. Hiring in-house engineers is a very time-consuming process, typically taking 1 month per engineer hire and is pretty expensive. Further, these problems get compounded for small-medium scale start-ups.

Hiring is Hard.

It’s something our team understands well. dCipher was founded on the belief that the current technical hiring process doesn’t do enough to help engineers show their strengths. Our founder and team started dCipher to help engineers find great jobs on their abilities and competence, not solely relying on the credentials on their resume.

dCipher is one of the best engineers recruitment agencies in USA with an excellent track record of service. It is a well known fact that skilled software engineers can ensure strategic and financial success for the companies that they work for. This is why you should choose to hire engineers having deep knowledge on the area of expertise they specialize in. As the best recruitment services company in USA, we are familiar with the challenges of manpower management and so we make it easier for you to hire skilled developers that can be an asset to your business.  

Since we can handle all the steps and processes associated with the recruitment of manpower for your firm, you can rely on us completely when you choose dCipher for managing your software hiring USA requirements. So once you have decided that you will carry out hiring for software engineer, consult dCipher for the best user experience.

dCipher Tech Vision

Our Vision

To build a technology marketplace for hiring the best talents in the easiest, affordable, and fastest way.

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Our Mission

To create a hiring platform to simplify identifying, connecting technology talent to small-medium level start-ups

Company Goals

Provide core engineering talent to small-medium level start-ups by identifying and hiring seasoned Indian engineers.
The focus is product-based companies looking to add to their engineering base, where dev team sizes
range between 10-50 engineers

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We make remote hiring simplified and seamless for both, candidates and companies, through our platform.