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5 Reasons why You Should Utilize a Recruitment Agency for Remote Hiring

5 Reasons why You Should Utilize a Recruitment Agency for Remote Hiring

The remote work culture has opened up a new world of immense possibilities for employers. Now they can hire better talent no longer restricted to a particular geography and get the best skills from different states and even countries. Employers can also significantly reduce their cost of hiring as a potential candidate may be living in a place that has a lower cost of living.

A company that wants to scale up its operations and looking for remote hiring internationally or nationally cannot recruit on its own. They will need the services of a Recruitment Agency that can scout the best of talents from different locations.

Role of Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agencies are professionals that meet a company’s hiring goals by filling up open positions with suitable candidates in the shortest time. Over the years, local recruiters have done their job with finesse and helped organizations globally with efficient recruitments. However, the new concept of remote recruiting means that the hiring process is different from conventional methods.

The importance of hiring a Recruitment agency for remote hiring

Remote recruiting is a different and challenging process. Since more than 65 % of the remote hiring happens without meeting the candidates in person as interviews are done over video calls, there are high chances of employee selections going wrong.  Here we list five reasons why recruitment agencies help.

  1. Recruitment agencies can shortlist the best fit CVs as per companies’ goals. They can eliminate those CVs where candidates do not fit the job profile and those who have the qualifications but are looking for remote offers to have their afternoon naps.


  1. Agencies can define the term” remote” more accurately when shortlisting candidates so that differentiation of part-time or full-time job role is mentioned to the candidates which helps avoid misunderstandings.


  1. Agencies can help to track the candidates better. Job openings for remote positions are posted on different platforms, and thousands of candidates may apply for a single position. Agencies can sift through the applications faster and better and shortlist the best candidates. They can streamline the employer recruitment process with the postings with fitting job description on different platforms, source the best talents, track the interview process, and evaluate the performance of candidates.


  1. Interviewing candidates online is difficult. Employers need to prepare interviews in such a manner so that the candidate can be assessed accurately and adequately. A professional recruitment agency is better equipped with all the hiring tools. Also, they know what attributes they will look for when interviewing candidates over video calls. Connecting with candidates over Zoom, Google meet, or Skype needs more than just asking the typical HR questions. Assessing the body language with limited visibility over the videos requires expert eyes.


  1. The virtual onboarding process is different from onsite office boarding. The agency can carry out the documentation paperwork and introduce them to the company’s work environment, culture, and management code of conduct.



Hiring a Recruitment Agency for sourcing remote employees helps to increase the talent pool. Secondly hiring process gets expedited.

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